Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Choosing A Western Saddle For Breaking Horses

by Victor James

If you plan on breaking and training young horses, you will likely want to do so in a western saddle. You can later move to an English saddle, but using a western saddle at first gives you more stability in case the young horse does something unexpected. But what should you look for in a western saddle that you plan on using to break horses? Here are a few key qualities you'll want to see.

Light Weight 

Young horses need to slowly ease their way into carrying weight on their backs. So, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt and use a lightweight saddle when first training the. They are likely to be more tolerant of a lighter saddle, and it is less likely to cause back soreness and other discomforts. Plus, you will have an easier time putting a lightweight saddle on a horse that may not yet be trained to stand quietly while you tack them up.

Suede Seat

Your young horse may not always behave predictably under saddle, so it is nice to have a little extra grip. You should therefore look for a western saddle with a suede seat rather than a smooth leather one. The suede will grip your pants a bit more, helping you stay steady in the saddle when your young horse figures things out.

Thinner Stirrups

One of the things young horses need to get used to is empty stirrups bopping against their sides as they walk. Jumping straight into a saddle with big, heavy stirrups may be too much. So, look for a western saddle with thinner, smaller stirrups, if possible. You can always buy new, smaller stirrups to put on a saddle that comes with thicker stirrups if you like that saddle's other qualities.

A Curvier Tree

Most younger horses have somewhat curvier backs than their older counterparts. This is largely because they have not yet built up a lot of muscles in their backs and along their topline. Look for a saddle with a slightly curvier than the average tree, and it is likely to fit your horse better. A good fit helps keep the horse comfortable and also prevents injuries.

If you break your horses in a western saddle, make sure you have the right western saddle for the job. Looking for a saddle with the features above will get you off to a good start.


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