Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Key Features to Get in Groomer Electric Lift Tables for Dogs

by Victor James

If you have a grooming business for dogs, you'll need to invest in a lot of helpful equipment. One of the most important is a grooming table, which will help you raise pets up and angle them for easy grooming activities. Just make sure you find a table with these key features:

Large Weight Capacity

You need to make sure you pay attention to the weight capacity that this electric lift table can support because you don't want your table's lift mechanisms being put through too much pressure and subsequently damaging. You can worry less about this if you just get a large weight capacity in the beginning.

An electric lift table for grooming that can support hundreds of pounds gives you a sizeable weight range to work with. Then it won't matter how big the dogs are that you groom. Their weight isn't going to cause structural or performance issues for this electric grooming lift table.

Smooth Lifting Mechanism

Once you have dogs come in for grooming, you'll need to adjust the grooming lift table accordingly so that you have an easy time performing grooming tasks in a comfortable manner. It's important to make sure the lift mechanism is smooth because that's going to prevent premature wear and tear, as well as prevent the dogs from getting startled.

They'll be lifted up in a gradual manner and that's key for keeping them calm. Then you can perform actions like cutting and cleaning their fur once the table has reached an appropriate height.

Textured Surface

When you put dogs on a grooming electric lift table, you want to make sure they're secure and can remain so before lifting the table up. You'll be better off getting a grooming lift table with a textured surface because it's going to help dogs retain their grip better while the table moves.

Then they won't be prone to sliding off and potentially getting started or injured before their assigned grooming. Just make sure the textured surface on the table is still comfortable because you want dogs to stay relaxed throughout this entire grooming experience.

If you're looking to have an easier time carrying out dog grooming tasks each day for your business, then one of the best machines you could purchase is an electric lift table. All you need to do is verify it comes with the right features that can really help you with various grooming activities. 


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