Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

It's About The Coral: How To Set Up A Reef Tank

by Victor James

If you've decided to venture into the world of the reef tank, you'll need to take it slow to start. Caring for a reef tank is a lot different than caring for an aquarium. They do both contain water and fish, but the reef tank goes well beyond that. With a reef tank, your primary concern will be with the coral that you're caring for. Here are four tips that will help your coral reef tank thrive.

Start with the Right Size

If you're just starting out with a reef tank, you don't want to go too small. That's one way that a reef tank is different from an aquarium. When you're starting out with an aquarium, you want to start small. However, smaller reef tanks are more difficult to care for, which is why you want to start with a nano reef tank. Your typical nano reef tank will be around 40-gallons or less. Once you've selected the size for your reef tank, you'll move on to the environment inside the tank.

Create the Perfect Environment

If you're familiar with aquarium care, you shouldn't have too much trouble creating the perfect environment for your reef tank. However, if you don't have much experience with a fish tank, you'll need to spend some extra time as you set up the environment in your reef tank. First, the fresh water inside the tank will need to be topped off each day to control the salinity. Second, you'll want to control the temperature. Coral tanks require cool temperatures, which means you should avoid rooms that are too warm. You'll also need to choose a tank that doesn't include a cover. Coral reef tanks require plenty of air and ventilation. Finally, you'll need to control the nutrients. That process will require you to change the water on a weekly basis. Changing the water will help you avoid a higher concentration of nutrients in the tank.

Choose Your Coral Wisely

If you're new to reef tank care, you'll want to choose coral that is hearty. This is particularly important while you're learning how to control the environment inside the tank. The best coral to start your reef tank with will include mushroom coral such as the ricordea, or fingerleather coral such as the sinularia. These types of coral do well with temperature fluctuations, and they provide plenty of movement that you'll want to see in your tank.

Add Your Fish

If you're going to add fish to your tank, you'll want to choose those with a less voracious appetite. You'll want your coral to feed on the brine shrimp before they're all devoured by your fish. You also want to avoid fish that are natural coral pickers. If you have too many of those in your tank, they'll devour your coral. Some fish to consider include the clown goby and the royal gamma.

Contact a local pet store or aquarium supplier to learn more about ricordea for reef tanks and other care tips. 


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Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

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