Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Two Things You Need to Get Before You Bring That New Puppy Home

by Victor James

If you're like most people who are about to begin a lifelong adventure with a new puppy, you're undoubtedly extremely excited about welcoming your furry friend into your home. However, you may also be feeling a certain amount of apprehension at the same time. After all, your life is about to change substantially, and you may not be entirely sure of what to expect. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make the transition from a pet-free home to a one where a puppy lives significantly easier. Following are two major ways that you can circumvent the usual issues that many new puppy owners face. 

1. Puppy Pee Training Pads

New puppy owners used to use newspapers as a part of their puppy potty training strategy, but modern consumers have a better option available in pee training pads. Several different brands are available, and all claim to have pheromones in the center to provide the puppy with an olfactory blueprint of where it should go. One of the disadvantages of using newspapers for potty training purposes is that once the newspaper ink becomes wet, it can run and stain the flooring underneath it. Puppy pee pads don't have ink, and they have reinforced backs that help keep the flooring dry. 

2. Antler Chews 

It's natural for puppies to chew on everything they can get their teeth into, including clothing, furniture, shoes, and various household objects. As puppies lose their baby teeth, they chew to find a way to relieve the pain caused when incoming adult teeth are coming into the picture. Puppies will automatically gravitate to antler chews instead of your favorite pair of shoes, however, so make sure you've got plenty of these available. Few things can make you regret your decision to bring that little furry bundle of joy into your life more quickly than returning home from a long day at work to find your personal possessions chewed to shreds. 

Always remove anything and everything that the puppy might chew from its reach in your home, even after you provide antler chews. Puppies are innately curious and may seek out other objects to play with and chew on. However, antler chews are one of those things your puppy likely won't outgrow as it ages. Adult dogs chew to relieve boredom and anxiety as well as to help clean their teeth, and antler dog chews fill those needs very well. 


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Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

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