Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

3 Things To Consider When Creating A Custom Dog ID Tag For Your New Puppy

by Victor James

If you just got a new puppy, you want to make sure that you keep track of your puppy. One of the best ways to keep track of your new puppy is by getting new custom dog ID tags made for your puppy. Here are a few tips or things to consider when creating a custom dog ID tag.

#1 Start With A Basic Tag

The first thing you need to do is start with a basic custom ID tag that you should pick up and create before you even pick your puppy up. That way, you have an ID tag to put on your puppy as soon as you pick them up. Puppies are very active, and you don't want your puppy to skip out of your backyard and get lost without an ID tag before you even have a chance to get to know your puppy and name your puppy. 

#2 Contact Information

Second, you need to make sure that you have the right contact information on your dog's ID tag. You want to have your home address on your dog's ID tag. Having your home address will allow anyone who finds your dog to potentially bring your dog right home to you. This is a great piece of contact information to have on your dog's ID tag.

Next, you should put your cell phone or email address on your dog's ID tag as well. Many people like to make more of a digital connection, so with a cell phone or email address, someone could easily text or email you to let you know that they have found your dog. 

#3 Dog's Information

Third, you want to make sure that you put your dog's personal information on their identification tag. You want to put your dog's name on their ID tag. Make sure it is the right name. For example, if you name your dog Theodore but you always call the dog Theo or Dora, make sure that the name that your dog actually responds to is the name that you put on their dog tag. That way, if your dog ever gets lost and someone finds your dog, they will be able to get your dog to listen to them and get your dog somewhere safe until they can get into contact with you. 

You should always keep your dog's custom ID tag on your dog at all times, so no matter what happens to your dog, they are always safe. 


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