Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

What You Should Know About Service Dogs

by Victor James

Service dogs can help with all types of disabilities. Anything from the blind or deaf to someone suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or seizures. A service dog has an important job to do, and not every single dog can be a service dog. There are a number of qualifications and specific training that needs to be done in order for a dog to become a service dog. See below for things you should know about service dogs that you may not know.

Service Animals

Dogs are the only animal recognized as service animals. Usually larger breeds of dogs are service dogs, although smaller dogs are becoming popular service dogs as they can live longer, and are cheaper to feed than a large breed dog. Larger breeds can do heavy lifting such as pulling a wheelchair if necessary.

"STOP - No Petting"

You may have seen this on the vest of a service animal before and thought to yourself "Why?" The reason is because a service dog is on duty when seen in public with the person they are assisting. If everyone is petting the service dog, it can be easy for the dog to become distracted and could fail to do his job. If you spot a service dog in a store, restaurant or elsewhere around, do not pet the dog and be sure to keep children away from the service dogs as well.

Service Dog Eligibility

If you've thought about having your dog trained as a service dog, know that there are some requirements for your dog to be eligible. Just because your dog is friendly doesn't mean he can be a service dog. Service dogs must be focused and must be able to potty, sit and lay down on command. They must also be able to heel, be in public without becoming distracted, be socialized around both humans and other animals. 


You can enroll your dog in service dog training through sites like or do it yourself along with the help of a professional service dog trainer. Without the proper training your dog could end up hurting someone with a disability, rather than helping them. Be sure to have your dog professionally trained, whether you do it at home with help or have your dog sent for training. 

If you are looking to have your dog trained as a service dog or are in need of a service dog, be sure the dog has been professionally trained and has the proper documentation. 


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