Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Tips For Creating Your Own Agility Course For Your Dog

by Victor James

If you don't feel like your dog is getting enough exercise to keep its joints limber, you may decide to build an agility obstacle course for it. However, you may not know where to start. If so, use the following tips to create a small course to give your furry friend a challenging exercise regimen.

Set Up Sturdy Boxes As Tunnels

Training your dog to run through a series of tunnels not only helps their agility, but increases its concentration as well. When staggered or placed at angles, your pooch must pay extra attention to keep on course.

When selecting the boxes, make sure they are large enough for your dog to run through without touching its body. Also, choose sturdy cardboard that will not collapse if your dog strikes the side. To increase their durability, push the lids down into the box to create a double layer.

While you are getting your dog used to running through the boxes, start with one. Then, add a second one in line with the first and about a foot away from the opening. Once your dog has mastered going straight through the boxes, place the two boxes at an angle. 

Once your dog has gotten used to running through the boxes, add more. Change the alignment every so often to keep this part of the course fresh.

Use Old PVC Pipes For Weaving Poles

Weaving poles help increase your dog's agility by making it run around them, weaving in and out of the spaces. To create this part of the course, use old one-inch PVC pipes that have been cut to be slightly taller than your pooch's head.

Depending on the size of your dog, place them in a straight line anywhere from one to three feet apart. Your dog should be able to weave between them without touching the poles. Use a hammer to drive them about two inches into the ground to secure them.

The first few times through the course, run in front of your dog so it will follow you. Once it has an idea of what to do, run alongside it, praising your dog when it runs through the poles correctly and gently correcting it when it strays from the course.

Using the above tips can help get you started with creating a course for your dog. However, if you decide you want to add more elements, you may want to speak to a pet store representative about an available agility kit for dogs.


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