Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

Finding The Perfect Pet Supplies

How to Make Sure Your Aquarium Decorations Are Safe

by Victor James

If you are trying to decorate a large aquarium, chances are good that you are gathering decorations from many different sources, including stores that might not be pet friendly. This can lead to you purchasing aquarium decorations that are not suitable for fish to be around and which could cause them to become ill due to water contamination. Here are some tips for making sure that everything you put in your aquarium is suitable for the fish.

1. Try to Buy from Aquarium Specialty Stores

The easiest way to make sure that what you are putting in your aquarium is safe is by purchasing all of your decorations from aquarium specialty stores. This is the method that is the most foolproof, since you know that anything you purchase from such a store will be safe for your aquarium. However, it is also the most expensive option and tends to limit the number of choices you have for decorations. 

2. Stick to Glass

If you don't want to spend the extra money and don't want to be confined to the supply of decorations that a pet store has, then you might be tempted to purchase items from stores that are not specifically designed for aquarium enthusiasts. You might even just go to the dollar store and pick up some decorations. To help you make sure that the items you purchase will not harm your fish, you should purchase glass items only, because they are ecofriendly and made of natural products. If you purchase plastic, then you risk having BPA accidentally leach into your tank. You also want to make sure that the glass has not been painted.

3. Stay Away from Wood Unless Purchased at a Pet Store

Finally, you should make sure that you stay away from wood. Wood could have different chemicals hiding inside of it that could potentially harm your fish. If you absolutely want to include driftwood in your aquarium, make sure that you purchase it from a pet store. The pet store will have pretreated the wood so that it does not decompose and increase the amount of nitrogen in the water. You want to keep nitrogen levels low so that you do not stress out your fish.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in creating custom fish tanks and get started on your plan to create a beautiful, safe environment for your pet fish.


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